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Classic Godfather Books
And New Crime Family Novels 

Of all the classic Godfather books published about organized crime, the Godfather series by Mario Puzo has become the most well-known crime family saga. Mario Puzo’s 1969 best-selling novel is a story that weaves a page-turning masterpiece leaving the reader wanting more. In 1972 American  Francis Ford Coppola, co-wrote and directed the Godfather screenplay with Mario Puzo which led to a classic trilogy of Godfather movies.

Personal reflection of the Godfather  by American author aj Lombardi


As a teenager, I was not one whom you would call a reader. Ironically as an adult, I became a writer of books and screenplays.  Back in my high school years students were assigned to read various books over the summer months and write reports upon going back to school in September.  Needless to say, books like the story of "Billy Budd" was not something I looked forward to reading!  It was total agony for me!  After graduation, I  was handed the Godfather book by an older brother.  Upon reading the first two pages I was totally engaged and could not put the book down.   Coming from a large Italian American family and neighborhood I found myself at home and a personal connection with the way Mario Puzo put into content many of the Italian traditions I grew up with. 


Aside from the crime family storyline the weddings, baptisms, food, and family interactions were very relatable to my own upbringing as well as the people of my large Italian community.  As a child, I vividly recall an elderly uncle grabbing a microphone at a wedding and singing C'è la luna mezzo mare much like did at the wedding of Don Corleone's daughter. The emphasis that Clemanza put on the making of meatballs and sausage particularly hit home. All in all, I think like most of my friends who were brought up in Italian traditions Mario Puzo gave us a sense of what we all have experienced in our lives.  For myself, growing up in the Italian culture is something that will never leave me. 


To this day upon going out with friends or meeting others who grew up with the same traditions it seems like the first thing we talk about is food.  "How do you make your meatballs?"  Fried or baked?  How about your stuffed artichokes or pizza?  It seems that no matter what the age of the person I am talking to when it comes to growing up Italian there are certain things we all share in common.  Without question the local Catholic church played a big role in our lives as well,  I recall going to confession and the priest saying "your brother just said the same thing and by the way, thank your mother for the cookies!" In the same way, many of the Godfather book's colorful characters' portrayals were very much relatable!

The Corleone Crime Family

The Godfather storyline is centered around the rise of the Corleone crime family headed by a stern yet somewhat agreeable Godfather. Don Corleone is a man who began his life with humble and tragic beginnings in Sicily. Tempered by his hard beginnings he is driven to do whatever he can to provide for the needs of his family in America. In time he becomes an admired and feared businessman who oversees a vast financial organization with a strong yet reasonable demeanor. 


Godfather Don Corleone is portrayed as a reasonable man with strong convictions about his family and his role as head of his family. Although he sometimes uses violence to get his message across, he is portrayed as a reasonable man who will first attempt to find a more peaceful agreeable solution to avert conflicts. Aside from the Corleones being portrayed as a major organized crime family, the weddings, baptisms, birth of children, tragedies, and interactions with each other leave us with a human connection we all can relate to in some way. The inner story of an immigrant family’s struggle to find its path in America and the human struggle to fit in and survive is a relatable story to many who fought to make their way to a better life.

Check out some of the new and classic crime family Godfather books and novels below!

A New Crime Family Saga Begins 

"Godfather Connection"

by American author aj Lombardi

Family loyalty, romance, and betrayal will begin to unfold in this exciting new crime family saga.  The story of a crime family's rise from humble beginnings in Italy to New York and onto the casinos of Vegas.  Godfather Connection by American author aj Lombardi is a new crime family saga that is destined to become a classic in the venue of Godfather books and crime family sagas.  The story begins under the watchful eyes of Godfather Uncle Vincent. Family loyalty, romance, and betrayal ensue in this exciting new drama of a crime family’s rise from humble beginnings in Italy to New York and onto the casinos of Vegas. This exciting part one family saga will go down as one of the best new Godfather books destined to become a classic.

​On the corner of Nello St., a group of teenage boys is hanging around under a dimly lit streetlight. A black limo slowly pulls up, and the passenger in the back seat motions the driver to pull over to the side of the road. Seated in the back seat of the limo is crime boss Gino Regalo. The rear window is lowered, and he sits quietly observing the teenagers. On Nello, St. is Saint Michael's church along with three family homes. Clotheslines stretch from one to another, with clothing and white sheets flapping in the breeze.


An elderly woman is seen from an open window cooking on her stove. The sweet aroma of fresh bread baking, meatballs, and sausage drifting from the open window fills the warm summer night. Alone in his thoughts, Gino thinks back in time to his innocent childhood in the old neighborhood. Looking over at Saint Michael's church, he recalls when he and his cousin Cosmo were altar boys there. Since those long-lost days, a lot has changed in the life of crime boss Gino Regalo. For Gino, he can only go back to those days in the memories he keeps silently in his heart...

One of the best new crime family novels destined to become a classic!


Ebook  $1.99

Paperback $6.62  

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    OFFICIAL SELLECTION        GODFATHER CONNECTION     - Flickers Rhode Island Internatio
                          OFFICIAL SELECTION                              GODFATHER CONNEC

The BookVira Review of Godfather Connection

From the Italian neighborhoods of New York to Las Vegas Lombardi takes us on a powerful journey that reflects the best and worst in human nature as he taps into a universal need to believe in an organization that exists outside the rules of law. Lombardi’s novel The Godfather Connection knows a lot about organized crime's relationship with Las Vegas. A place where the rules are suspended and everything has a price. Lombardi tells his story with strong pacing and a wealth of little details that feel just right.


The Godfather Connection is in novella territory and a quick read with Lombardi shunning excessive detail in favor of crisp prose and authentic dialogue that imbues his characters with a real sense of presence. To immerse his readers in a shadowy world where right and wrong are often a matter of perspective. It’s a hard book to put down and not least because of Lombardi’s knack for creating characters with real gravitas. Gino, Cosmo, and Don Vincent are highly memorable and well-conceived but Lombardi still allows them room for growth as events evolve. This creates superb fictional dynamics that make the prevailing sense of intrigue and danger swirling around the edges of their lives even more fascinating. An instantly engaging read that readily evokes the presence of a bygone era The Godfather Connection proves a must-read for fans of Godfather Books and Crime Family Saga fiction and is strongly recommended!

Godfather Connection is in no way related or associated with The Godfather collection of books or its storyline.  Godfather Connection is an independent registered copyrighted story  based on original and independent content created by American author aj Lombardi

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