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Freddy The Talking Monkey 

by aj Lombardi 

Copyright © 2022 All rights reserved

The story of a true underdog who rises to the top in life!

Freddy the talking monkey goes to school for the first time and does not fit in with the other kids. "After all, he is a monkey! In time, Freddy becomes a part of the crowd by becoming a hero on the school football team and joining the music band of the infamous tough Taskorrinni brothers".



Yea, it's me again, Freddy, the talking monkey! "You think you have troubles? Well, listen to this!" Talk about being embarrassed, when I was growing up, all the kids in the neighborhood made fun of me all the time! The other kids at school got dropped off in Camaros and Mustangs. My father dropped me off at school on his tricycle! All the other kids ate meatball sandwiches, mac "n" cheese, and pizza for lunch. "The only thing my mother ever made me was a banana sandwich!

They made me wear a diaper when I had my high school picture taken! One kid wanted me to be the focal point in his science project on Darwin's evolution theory. "Well, if Darwin was so smart, how come I still look like a monkey?" When I went to pick up my prom date, the girl's father called the dog catcher! Even Facebook rejected my photo seven times! The kids were mean and always making jokes like, "stop monkeying around Freddy! Or, "cut out that monkey business…"


"Yea, really funny to you mister! I had dreams of being a lawyer, maybe a doctor. The only people who would accept my job application were the circus manager and the park's cheap organ grinder. "We'll let me tell you, mister!" I showed them all up when I got a job at Nasa! That's right. I flew the first space mission. They named a famous wrench after me. I even heard that one of my cousins had an office on the Empire state building's top floor. "I got an Oscar for starring in the planet of the apes!"


I guess by now, you can figure that I had to face a lot of shenanigans from all the kids when I was growing up. "I handled being made fun of pretty well until one day I came. I just couldn't take it anymore! "I had to deal with the meanest bully you could ever meet, "Jimmy Fabalazino, " and, this is the rest of my story…"

This will be the funniest most heartwarming story you will ever read about someone who rises through life's challenges.

My name is Freddy 

hear my story!


The big bully that Freddy must meet with and fight after the big school dance!

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