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The Metaverse Invasion

Investigation of the robot people

by a. j. Lombardi Copyright © 2022 All Rights Reserved

From the official files of special investigator Brice Preston

My name is Bryce Davis Preston I am a Private Investigator specializing in missing persons. Most of my cases have involved runaways or situations where a spouse may have taken off with a new lover. Of all the cases that have come across my desk, the one that will unfold before you is the most bizarre and unnerving case I have ever worked on! In the event of my untimely death, my files and daily diary on this case will tell the story as it happened. I have named this case “Metaverse Invasion.”

My duties as a licensed Investigator oblige me to protect the true identities of my clients as well as those involved with my cases. As such, the names I will be using are fictional. As an investigator, my duties must always be directed in the best interest of my clients. With the utmost respect for my profession, I have always remained true to bringing the facts without any bias or emotion to those who have entrusted me to handle their case. I have always considered myself a very stable person and confident in my beliefs and personal convictions of right and wrong. The implications of this case may possibly mean the end of my career as a special investigator. Would anyone believe me, and would I be classified as some kind of nut? Nevertheless, I feel that what I have experienced and now know and understand must be brought to light. It is only up to the reader to decide if this is truth or fiction.


Before I move forward, I feel that it is important to provide my readers with some background about what this case is all about. Imagine if a person or government entity had real-time access to know everything about you. What you buy, listen to, or watch on tv, how about your financials, your photos, and your social network of friends and family? The fact is someone does, but for now, you cannot see him, touch, feel or reason with him and yet he knows everything about you. He has the power to decline your purchase at the mall and does not care what you think or feel. He only does what he is programmed to do. That very real entity is called the cloud.


Folks, this is not science fiction. This scenario is a reality. Scientists are now working on an implantable microchip that can Interface the human brain with what we know as the cloud. The daily increasing position of artificial intelligence and the internet have become a part of our everyday lives. Although they presently serve beneficially, their potential dangers are very real. Upon completing this work, I would like to note that Elon Musk owns a company (NeuroLink) that has developed a device that will enable the human brain to be connected to the internet. What makes this scenario even more unnerving is that we now will be entering a second wave of the internet on what is called “The Metaverse.” Coupled with the power of the “Cloud,” our everyday lives will be impacted in far-reaching ways that anyone could have ever imagined just a few years back.

An unnerving case (Taken from chapter 1 & 2)

It all began when I received a call from a woman by the name of Nancy Hallston. She informed me that her son Josh was missing. I inquired if she had notified the police, to which she replied that she had and was informed that they would inform her if anything came up. Since two weeks had passed without any news, she felt it was time to reach out to someone like myself to get involved with the case. I made an appointment to meet her at her home the following morning. I arrived at the residence at 10:00 a.m. and was met at the door by a woman who identified herself as Nancy Hallston. She was very soft-spoken, smiled politely, and escorted me into her family room, inviting me to have a seat.

I found it strange that she did not sit but stood about eight feet from me as if she was not comfortable with our meeting. After a few minutes of awkward silence, I decided to open up the conversation. “You mentioned that your son is missing. Has this ever occurred before?” She replied, “No sir, my son Josh is a good boy. Josh is not the kind of kid to do anything out of the ordinary. Josh doesn’t have many friends and spends most of his time studying or playing computer games in

his room.” “How old is Josh I asked. She informed me that he had just turned fourteen years old. “Mrs. Hallston, can you tell me if Josh belongs to any clubs at school or anything about his involvement in sports?”


She responded that Josh was not involved with sports or any clubs at school. “You see, Mr. Preston, Josh is what you would call a loner. He is very shy about meeting people and, for some reason, just does not fit in with the other students at school. I tried hard to encourage him to socialize with the other kids at school, but he just does not seem to have the inner confidence needed to break out of his shell. My husband left us when Josh was only about seven years of age. I tried my best to raise him right, but I’m his mother, and I do believe that not having a male figure in his life has left him with a void.”

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