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Terror In Vermont

Mountain Of Fear

by a. j. Lombardi Copyright © 2022 All Rights Reserved

"A chilling story of strange encounters and terror as witnessed by five teenage friends who venture out to a lonely isolated mountain in Vermont..."

Three high school students are invited by fellow student Tom to spend a night at his parent's mountain cabin. Tom does not disclose that his Uncle Ron, a retired Army Ranger suffering from PTSD may be at the cabin. He also does not tell them about a bear population and a disgruntled former landowner named Gus who wanders the mountain. The students include Trina, Tom, Jen, and Larry. While stargazing, Uncle Ron shows up at their campfire. He informs them that two campers were recently murdered on the mountain. In meeting Larry, he suspects that Larry is the murderer.

Taken From Chapter 1. A Night Of Stargazing


"My name is Sam, I saw what I saw, even if you don't believe me. The story you are about to read is about the events that my friends and I experienced on a dark and lonely night atop a mountain in Vermont. 


It all began on a warm mid-summer evening when some friends and I were out for a night of stargazing the milky way on a lonely mountain in Vermont. It was the first time I had ever seen such a star-lit sky. "We also saw and experienced some things that were straight out of the twilight zone! People who report that they have seen UFO'S and other strange encounters in the night are often ridiculed. "For most folks, I suppose that it's just human nature to not accept anything we cannot see, feel, touch, or experience for ourselves." Based on what we consider truth, each must decide what is real and what is not real. With that being said, the story you are about to read is based on the chilling events my friends and I experienced on an isolated dark mountain in Vermont. At the time of our experience, we were a group of high school students out for a night of fun. The string of fast-moving events we encountered that evening are as follows;


July. 18th. 10:30 p.m.


Arriving back at the cabin that evening, a thunderstorm erupts. A tree crashes the roof, lights turn dark, and fear sets in. A banging noise is heard at the door. Larry fires a gun, and an old man crashes to the floor. It is later disclosed that the man is a dementia patient who ran off from a nursing home. The following day, Uncle Ron confronts Larry accusing him of murdering two campers. Later that evening Larry shoots and kills Uncle Ron. He tells the other students that Uncle Ron left in the night. At daybreak, the students head to town, vowing never to speak of the events again. Five years pass and the students meet again...

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